Hydroinvest Ltd is a company based on the foundation of science and its applications in the economic life.

The employees of Hydroinvest boast the expertise and experience in the field of multidisciplinary advisory, designing, and detailed designing services within a wide range of construction engineering with a particular focus on water engineering, water management, environment protection and industrial construction sectors.

We lay particular emphasis on respect for surrounding wildlife and natural environment in the course of all our work.

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Interview with Hydroinvest CEO

Engineering – The Way of The Future – an important slogan for Hydroinvest is a leading theme of an interview with Hydroinvest’s CEO –Mr. Dariusz Gronek; the interview is published in an issue of ‘Industrial and Economics Review’.


Water Ways Expo

The 3rd International Exhibition and Conference on Water Management and Inland Shipping was held on 16-18 June, 2016 in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland.


BIM Polish Prospect Conference

BIM POLISH PROSPECT Conference was held in Gdansk on 9th June 2016. Hydroinvest participated in the conference as an honorary guest.


Ruda Slaska Incineration Plant

Hydroinvest has signed a contract for preparing geological engineering documentation for the newly designed municipal waste incineration plant in Ruda Slaska.


ERCE PAN - Memorandum of Cooperation

In May 2016 the Board of Directors of Hydroinvest Ltd signed a memorandum of cooperation with The European Regional Centre For Eco-hydrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ERCE PAN).


Hydroinvest spółka z o. o.

Pawła Włodkowica 2C Street

03-262 Warsaw

Phone:   +48 22 354 68 81
Fax:   +48 22 354 68 80

Mail: biuro@hydro-invest.pl

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