Hydroinvest Ltd is a member of the Polish Chamber of Construction Design.

According to the Memorandum of Association, the domains of the Company’s activity are as  follows:

  • Conducting and financing business activity on self-employment basis , on behalf, and for the benefit  of third parties, including study, designing, research, implementation, construction, manufacturing, and commercial task, as well as services related to domestic and foreign transactions;
  • Carrying out multidisciplinary drafting and designing services, developing plans for any economy sector, with a particular focus on hydraulic facilities , water economy, and sustainability;
  • Providing consultancy, project supervision and appraisal, cataloguing, surveying, technical studies , including hydraulic model studies;
  • Conducting innovation-implementation projects, trial projects, programming and carrying out tendering processes;
  • Technical implementations ;
  • Providing cost estimation, as well as financial and  commercial, advisory , and marketing services.

Hydroinvest Ltd provides study, designing, advisory, and implementation services within a broad range of water engineering, hydraulic facilities, and sustainability, including:

  • Programme and project implementation studies related to water economy: development plans, management and protection of catchment waters, resources assessment, wide-area or local-scope  flood protection projects;
  • Concept and technical studies, along with cost estimates, risk assessment related to market analysis, viability studies, and financing strategy
  • Programme and planning concepts, designing, producing documents required to attain Decision on Land Development and Management Conditions;
  • Building Permit Designs along with economic analysis;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Reports;
  • Working designs and investor budget estimates;
  • Project architect’s supervision;
  • Preparing tendering and indenture documentation, assessing bids;
  • Reports on Water and Legal Matters; Detailed Designs and investor budget estimates;
  • Design and Build Projects; facility operations and maintenance, operations manuals, staff training, operations trials, measurements;
  • Model tests in a hydraulic laboratory;
  • Project management and Customer supervision

We have been able to achieve competitive advantage by implementing and complying with the Quality Policy and Environmental Policy, this thanks to introducing the Integrated Management System according to the ISO norm, particularly  by implementing the following permanent management solutions:

  • Implementing BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology in designing;
  • Improving the Environmental Management System on regular basis;
  • Raising ecological awareness of our staff at every management level;
  • Requiring environment-friendly approach from our suppliers;
  • Enhancing sustainability as a result of all the projects we have designed.

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