Hydroinvest Ltd, a Polish company provides services in the field of water, industrial and infrastructure engineering to institutional and private Customers, both domestically and abroad.

An independent market operator, Hydroinvest Ltd is listed in the Court Registration System under KRS number 0000296319.

The Company was set up in 2007 with the intent to invest in the development of engineering services and provide engineering services.

As of 1  May 2016 Mr Dariusz Gronek took control of the majority share of the Company intending to uphold its growth and expand the operations scope to new domains and  services.


Dariusz Gronek

CEO of Hydroinvest Ltd

An expert in the field of hydraulic construction design, a designer and co-designer of many projects carried out by CBS and PBW Hydroprojekt, Hydroprojekt Ltd, DHV Hydroprojekt Ltd.


Professional Career

1986 - 1988 Regional Directorate of Water Economy, Warsaw
1988 - 2015 CEO, Hydroprojekt Ltd
since 2016 CEO, Hydroinvest Ltd

During his professional career he was the author, co-author and coordinator of numerous designs  and projects vital to Polish water economy, such as:

  • Wióry Flood Protection Reservoir, on the Swislina River
  • Rakowice Flood Protection Reservoir, on the Bobr River (a weir and a hydropower plant  of 1.7 MWcapacity )
  • Pilzano Flood Protection Reservoir, on the Wisloka River ( a weir and a hydropower plant of 1.5 MW capacity)
  • Nidzica and Sromowce Wyzne Water Reservoir Complex
  • 2002 – 2005 Reclamation of the Machów sulphur post-mining area (jointly by Hydroprojekt LLC and AGH University of Science and Technology)
  • 2006 – 2008 Design Coordinator for the construction of Three-Barrlage Cascade and Hydropower Plant on the Rioni River in Georgia (total capacity of 500 MW)
  • 1997 – 2005 Design Coordinator for the Ciechocinek – Nieszawa Barrage, north of Wloclawek

Having instigated in 1999 the introduction of the Integrated  System of Management, Quality and Environment - compliant with ISO standards,  to Hydroprojekt Ltd, he contributed to the change of approach in hydraulic designing, and helped bring forth more focus on environmental aspects of engineers’ work. This resulted in numerous awards for the contribution to environmental issues.

  1. Leader of Polish Ecology 2002’ title and award in the 7th edition of the competition under the auspices of Minister of Environment – for the Ulga Channel design in Opole within the framework of the flood protection plan after the 1997 flood
  2. Pric International des Eaux – ‘ Lamiere de L’Eau 2004’ – prize for the input into flood protection at the 6th international symposium in Cannes
  3. Best Design Company in 1990 – 2005’ awarded by Polish Chamber of Construction Design
  4. Leader of Polish Ecology 2005’ title and award in the 9th edition of the competition by the Minister of the Environment – for ‘Land reclamation at the site of obsolete water reservoirs’ (in Pilzano, Machow, Kuznica Warezynska and Rakowice)
  5. Honorary distinction at the 9th Edition of ‘Leader of Polish Ecology 2007’ Competition under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment – for promoting fish ladders as an effective instrument for counteracting the negative impact of compartmentalizing rivers
  6. Green Laurel 2009’ in the 5th edition of the ‘Sustainable Development’ competition under the auspices of the Polish Chamber of Economy – for the Żelazny Most Tailings Storage Facility
  7. Special Prize awarded by the Chairman of the National Council for Water Economy – for the execution of the design of the first stage of the Rakowice Wielkie Flood Protection Reservoir (intake weir and hydroelectric power station, reclamation of working site in the course of construction aggregates mining, along with flood protection)
  8. Expo Silesia’ medal at the Land Reclamation, Water Infrastructure And Flood Protection Fair ‘Melioracje 2011’ - for the design of Small Hydroelectric Power Station on the river Biala Przemsza in Sosnowiec – Maczki

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